The registration period for the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteering in Bilbao began on June 12 of this year 2019 and will close on October 31. Therefore, Julen Guerrero, Volunteer Ambassador of the RFEF, and Ramón Bigordà, responsible for Volunteering in Bilbao for EURO 2020, have taken stock of the situation before the Bilbao media and announced 2,000 registrations for 900 places. “The forecasts have been overwhelmed and we are delighted with the response,” said Bigordá.

Julen Guerrero spoked about the motivations of the volunteers. «They are people who love football and sports. They have been volunteers before and many of them repeat because it is something that they enjoy. They are excited to be in Bilbao and do not want to miss the event». The majority of registrations are from people living in Bilbao or Greater Bilbao. The province of Biscay has also turned to the event. It should be noted that the inscriptions of Bilbao represent 80% of the national total, reaching 87% if we cover the entire province of Biscay.

The people from Bilbao who have approached volunteering are varied in age and profession and split 50% among men and women. We find people who have never voluntarily collaborated before but who are motivated by football, participation, contact with people from all over the world or the environment that will be lived in June 2020 in Bilbao. Others have been part of various sporting events that range from the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, the 2014 FIBA World Cup as they passed through Bilbao, the Rugby Champions Cup in Bilbao 2018 or the Final Four of Basketball in Vitoria-Gasteiz 2019. There are also those who regularly collaborate in sports events in the city such as Bilbao-Vizcaya, La Vuelta cycling in previous editions or the EDP Night Marathon, among others.

If we look at the distribution of the inscriptions at the continental level, we find that France, Portugal and the United Kingdom lead in the number of interested people, followed by Russia, Italy and Germany. In the rest of the continent there is at least one inscription. Surprisingly, the fact that people residing in other host cities of the EURO 2020 express their explicit interest in participating in volunteering in Bilbao either due to family ties, friendship or interest in visiting the Villa.

If we look at the distribution by gender, we see that female participation has been increasing compared to the first months of opening and is approaching the objective of peer participation set by the organization day by day. The volunteer team, in any case, will have an inclusive spirit, based on respect, social and cultural sensitivity, the promotion of the essential values of sport and equal opportunities.

The age distribution shows a greater interest in participation among people under 30, but we must not fail to highlight the participation of people of all ages. The youngest person registered is a girl from Bilbao who turns 18 on May 29, 2020 and the oldest person registered is a man, also from Bilbao, who will be 76 years old when the EURO 2020 takes place.